Make a Spooky Halloween House

I thought I’d make a witches house for Halloween, great as a table centre if you’re having a party or to place alongside the sweet bowl for trick or treat-ers.

Start making your basic shape from old boxes.  It doesn’t matter at this stage how messy it looks just make sure you get the basic shape.

Then trace around your shape on coloured paper to create the walls.  I went with plain brown paper and with pens recreated a wooden effect but you could do a simpler version in plain colours.

Once you have all sides complete you attach to your basic shape.

To make the roof I cut circles out of grey with a punch and layered the shapes to create a tile type effect.

making the roof4

Optional – create a chimney stack by covering a smaller box

completed roof.jpg

To hide the rough edge at the top I created a ridge in a contrasting colour

To give the roof more of a finished look I also used some craft scissors to make a ridge – basically to hide all the messy bit.

roof edging

Then the fun bit – I made a load of different shaped windows and doors out of coloured card.

bits and pieces.jpg

Then you can assemble.  To add a bit of extra detail I went with a selection of bits like a bat for the roof, scary pumpkin, witches broom and some signs.

And that its….

house feature image

Make a Spooky Halloween House.png

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