Make a Hat Day

Apparently today is make a hat day so theme for today’s blog is………

How to make a mini hat.

mini hat complete

Completely impractical and technically not sure if they qualify as a hat but I thought they might be a nice alternative to the paper hats you get in Christmas crackers.

You’ll need a toilet roll tube, card, coloured paper, double sided tape or glue, scissors and a cheap hair band.

Start by covering the tube in paper, leaving the paper slightly longer at one end – this will help fix the top of the hat. Make small cuts all around the top of the loose paper so that it folds neatly.

Using the tube as a template cut a small circle for the top of the hat, attach double sided tape and press down.  Using scissors trim the edges.

mini hat 3

Cut a larger circle out of card – this will be the hat brim and cover with your coloured or patterned paper.  With a scalpel cut the centre of the circle into small strips to form a circle, using the tube as a template to get the correct size.  Attach tape to the inside of the tube and slot this over the spiked paper, pushing it all around firmly to ensure it sticks firmly.

To wear your mini hat you can either attach a loop of thin elastic or attach to a head band.  I picked up 5 hair bands for £1 at Primark and then you’re done!


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