Celebrating Giacometti Part 5

Ok so today is Giacometti’s birth day so an appropriate time to finish my figure.

Your plaster figure should now be completely dry and sturdy.

plastered figure

For this stage you will need some Plaster of Paris powder again you can get this in any good craft store.  Measure out some powder, you generally need about 1.5 powder for every part water although you should pour the water in slowly.  Mix the solution into a paste.

You can tip the figure if its easier but I applied the paste with my fingers – very messy and great for kids!

plaster close up

You want to cover the figure until you get rid of the bandage texture.  I also thinned down some of the plaster and poured it over the figure.


then leave to dry and you’re done.

finished figure

Create a Giacometti Style Figure.png

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