Make a Halloween Wreath

Ok so another idea for Halloween decorations – why not make a wreath, great for letting trick n treaters know that you’re happy to provide an endless supply of candy.

All you need to get started are so egg boxes, paint, cheap garden wire, PVA glue, a glue gun and some card and coloured paper.

I started by making the leaves which act as a base. I used egg boxes as they have a natural curve and also being thicker than coloured paper or card they add a texture to the finished wreath.  Start by cutting leaf shapes from egg box lids and then paint them in a mix of different shades of green.

You make the wreath by wrapping garden wire into a simple circular shape and taping with sellotape.  I added a wire band across the middle to make the shape more sturdy, allow me to attach some shapes to the centre of the wreath and also to act as a hanger when pinning to the door.

Cut strips of green paper and using PVA mixed with a little water wrap around the circular shape ensuring you cover the entire shape and leave to dry.

Once your leaves and wreath shape are dry you can start to assemble.  Using PVA glue I started by attaching some extra leaves that I cut from plain green paper then with the glue gun attach the leaves cut from the egg boxes.  I really recommend using a glue gun – I tried using PVA but even when dry the leaves just dropped off so you need an adhesive that’s a bit stronger and able to take the weight and shape of the leaves.

Making up the wreath.jpg

When your wreath is completely covered you can start to add some extra embellishments.  Using some basic poster paints I drew some pumpkins on some scrap card and then a skull face.  I also made some simple paper flowers in purple and organce using the same technique I used on the wedding wreath (  I also cut out some letters from the purple paper to add to the centre of the wreath.


Once you have your extra decorations you simple attach with your glue gun and leave to dry.

Halloween wreath

Make a Halloween Wreath


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