Celebrating Giacometti Part 1

The 10th of October will mark the birth day of Alberto Giacometti.  A Swiss artist and sculptor I was lucky enough to catch his exhibition at the Tate Modern earlier this year.

His elongated, simplified figure sculptures are beautiful and whilst there’s no chance of captivating the charm of his work I thought I’d give it a go in recreating one.  So, over the next couple of days I’m going to attempt to create my version of his Man Pointing.

Giacometti Exhibition3

Rather than trying to work with air dry clay I thought I’d use a combination of wire and plaster.  Air dry clay is great but I haven’t had much success with very delicate projects as it tends to crumble as it dries out.

The project would be a great one to do with children as it involves plaster so is very messy.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Giacometti Part 1

  1. You could also try one of the polymer clays like Sculpey over a wire armature. You bake it in the oven to fire it, and it holds modeling and detail much better than stuff like the old style Fimo.

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