French Knitting Tutorial

I was tidying up my art room a few weeks ago and found a bag, stuffed into a box on top of the bookcase – inside was my old french knitting dolly.

If you’ve never had a go at french knitting it’s a lovely craft to teach children, I know it kept me entertained for hours when I was little.

So whether the following instructions act as a tutorial introduction or a reminder, I hope you give it a go and enjoy a bit of French knitting.

You don’t need much to get started – some wool, a dolly, scissors and a darning needle.  If the children are very young you can get chea plastic needles.

Finger knitting.jpg

To start, thread the end of your wool onto your darning needle and thread it through the dolly.

You pull about 4-6 inches of wool out of the bottom of the dolly, then remove the needle . Next you need to cast on stitches – you do this by  wrapping your wool around the pegs at the top.

Feeding the wool directly from the ball, loop the wool around each peg in turn.

Then  wrap the wool around the four pegs again and using your needle pull the 4 first loops over the top of the second two in the direct of the centre.

Continue to do this to each of the stitches.  As you work, gently pull the wool hanging out the bottom of the dolly as this will help keep the tension.

When you have the length you want you need to cast off.  To do this, cut the wool from the ball and thread this end onto a needle. Thread this piece of wool through each of the stitches left on the pegs and pull them off the pegs. Pull the wool to gather the stitches together.

finger knitting strands

Then you can get creative.  I used mine to make some coasters for drinks but if you’re looking for some other ideas check out this blog from domesblissity –

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