Make a Paper Mache Skull

With Halloween next month month I wanted to start early on some decorations.  This day of dead skull is perfect as a table centre piece for a Halloween themed party or as a window sill adornment for Trick or Treat-ers.

finished skull3

I’ve seen a load of pictures on Pinterest claiming to show you how to make a paper mache skull but when you click through to the site it turns out that they do so using an actual skull as a mold.  As I didn’t have a skull lying around I thought I’d give it a go using cardboard and a balloon.

I started by cutting some template pierces from cardboard.  If you fancy trying it yourself you’ll need to print out the template below A4 size.


Once you have the main pieces, you will need to cut a couple of rectangles for the sides, start to tape them together to create an outline mask.

Then, inflate a balloon and attach with tape, playing around with the positioning until you’re happy with the basic shape.

skull structure2

Then the messy bit starts.  I made paste by mixing PVA glue with water and basically dip your newspaper stripes and cover the whole thing.

paper mache skull

Once you have the skull completed covered leave it to dry overnight and the next day do the same thing again.  I did this a 4 times to make sure that the skull was firm.  Once dry you can pop the balloon and then I’d recommend that you leave it for a few days to dry completely.

Decoration wise its your choice.  I decided to paint my skull white and then doodle.  Painting the skull, I’d suggest you go with a few coats of paint as the newspaper print tends to show through.

Then I wanted more a Day of the Dead type feel so with a sharpie marker pen I simple doodled.

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