Sue Stone Textile Artist

One of the highlights of the Festival of Quilts was obviously Diana Harrison work but another was the work of textile artist Sue Stone.

The exhibit is entitled “This is Me” and is a series of small portraits each around 27 by 35cm. Mixed media creations using a combination of fabrics, threads, wool, felt and acrylic paint.

This is Me

This is how the artist describes her work……

Individuality, distinctiveness, uniqueness for our identity; who or what we are.  This series of self-portraits was inspired by the humankind’s urge to categorise.  Whatever you think you see in the these images is still me.  Visual decoration or types of clothing may suggest class, culture, creed, religion or ethnicity.  The outer shell and its various wrappings; skin, clothing, accessories, may change and alter appearance as they do.  The viewer is qasked to form their own opinion as to who I really am.  The person portrayed whose the inner soul remains the same throughout is me.

If you want to check out some of her other work here’s the link to her website –

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