Create a Cork Pin Board

Cork pin boards are great storage place for scraps of card and other bits of design inspiration for your craft room.  Mine is full of scribbled notes and pieces of cut out of magazines.  I wanted a similar board for the kitchen so thought I’d have a go at making one.

finished pin board

For this project you will need to plan ahead and keep all of your wine corks.  I collected mine in a big glass vase and with most bottles now having screw tops it also forced me to try a few new wines.


Once you have a load collected and are ready to start you will need a square or rectangle of thin ply wood and some stripes of wood to cut into a frame.  You start by cutting your corks in half, I went for a lengthway cut but I have seen others cut them into circles which also work, its just a bit more difficult to assemble as you end up with gaps between the corks.

Once you’ve cut your corks, yo’re ready to start.  Cover one side of your ply wood with glue, its best just to do a section at a time to avoid it drying whilst you’re working.   I used wood glue as it holds the corks firmly in place but I’m sure other types of glue would work.

You continue gluing and sticking the corks to the base, leaving about 2cm all the way around the edge.  Once complete leave it to dry overnight.

All thats left is to construct your frame.  Cut your lengths to the size of the frame and then I cut an angle in the wood so they would sit together.  Once you’re happy with the framing turn it over and hammer in pins into the back of the plywood to hold in place.


Then all thats left to do is to fix a hanger and start to fill your board

Completed cork board



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