New Craft – Felting

So time for a new challenge.


The sun was shining a couple of weeks ago so I thought I’d make the most of the weather and give felting a go, working on the table in the garden.  My first attempt wasn’t an altogether success but lots of learnings.

I thought I’d scale down my ambitions for the first attempt and decided to make a smallish rectangle to use as a book cover.

To start with I had bubble wrap, a spray bottle filled with soapy water, some felt, voile fabric,  rolling pin, some wool, a plastic bag and a textured place mat (As I couldn’t find my bamboo sushi mat!)


So following the instructions I…..

  • Placed some bubble wrap on the table, bubble side up and laid out a strip of voile fabric over the top.


  • Then I laid out very fine, separated strands of felt all in one direction


  • Once I’d completed that I added another layer in the opposite direction


  • And finally a third layer diagonally


  • Then I covered the whole thing with another thin strip of voile fabric and sprayed the whole thing with soapy water
  • After that with the plastic bag on my hand I massaged the whole thing with smaller circular movements


  • Next I rolled the whole thing around a rolling pin and tied it tight


  • As instructed I rolled 100 in one direction, carefully opened it up, turned it 90 degrees, rolled it again and rolled 100 times.  I had added some pieces of wool before I started so you can see them on the photos but decided to take them off.

felt close up of foam.jpg


  • After that I rolled the whole thing in the place mat without the bubble wrap and rolled again 100 times


Then after a cup of tea I unwrapped the whole thing.


The fibres of the felt had matted together so in that sense it was a success but I didn’t really like the colours of the finished thing so decided after it was dry to overlay some pieces of fabric and add some embellishments like pieces of yarn


After a few minutes on the sewing machine it was time to start with some embroidery.


Once finished it looked ok, not one my favourites but passable so I covered notebook.



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