Creating Wire Figures

I’ve made a few things using wire and a little while back I made some figures from a mixture of basic garden wire that you can pick up in your local DIY store and some thinner craft wire.   If you fancy trying something a bit different below are some basic instructions.

You start by molding a basic stick man shape from wire, I used the thicker garden wire for this as it gives a sturdy base to start from.

Next taking some chicken wire build out the slightly thicker parts of the body like the chest, hips and head.  Once you’re happy with your basic shape using thinner wire start to wrap around the base.  Its often best to wear long sleeves and gloves as wire can be quite vicious.

You continue wrapping, building up the shape.

Before you finish wrapping wire around the arms you should create some hands as you will want the wrapped wire to hold them in place.  Cut some of your thicker wire into small lengths and thread together to give the basic shape of 4 fingers and a thumb, then using very fine craft wire wrap the hands.

For one of the figures I stuck to silver, for the other I used a copper wire.  If you don’t have copper you can spray the wire before you wrap it.

For the feet I molded large shoes from air dry clay and when dry spray painted them to a complimentary tone.

To finish off the head I cut some lengths of wire and threaded these through the head at the top, twisting them into different angles.  For the standing figure I simply let some of the wire unwind as it gave him a slightly different look.

Then you just have to decide whether you want them standing or sitting and bend to shape.  If you want your figures to stand you should keep checking the balance of the figure as you’re wrapping the wire as it can be quite a delicate challenge to get the weight right.




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