For Lovers of Stationery and Writing

I’ve always fancied trying my hand at calligraphy, although not sure I’d have the patience or the natural talent, but this week’s Cass blog really caught my attention.

They’re promoting a new book by designer and calligrapher Rebecca Cahill – its promoted as a “new guide to calligraphy. Learn how to become a master of modern letter forms and inject some personality into your penmanship, ….. [the book takes you] through her step-by-step guides, creative challenges and top tips.”

I have far too many projects in play at the moment so I’m going to show some uncharacteristic restraint and put this one on my Christmas list but if you love stationery and writing you should definitely check out the interview and post for further details,

Rebecca is the founder of Betty Etiquette, a London-based stationery brand and design studio. The site is definitely worth a few minutes of browsing – its beautiful with some gorgeous stationery –

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