Crafts with Kids: Make a Castle

With children on holiday for the summer it’s good to have some projects planned to keep them busy.  This is a great craft project to make with children.  You can get them involved in making the castle and then afterwards they have a fun and inexpensive toy.

You start with some cardboard boxes and from these create the basic shape of your castle.  I suggest a rectangle outer wall and a slightly taller keep in the centre.

Once you have the basic outline you start by marking up battlements at the top of the walls and cut these out with scissors or a scalpel.  I also cut a gate in the centre of the front panel.

Once you have the basic outline fix with masking take

I wanted to add a couple of thin circular towers to the front wall so used empty kitchen rolls, cutting slits on either side to hook them onto the wall.  Before attaching them I made some battlements to add to the turrets.  Cut them out of card in the same way as you did for the walls but before you attach curl the cardboard so that it wraps easily.  I added an extra piece of card so that they stood out from the turret rather than lying flat.

Once you have these assembled attach to the outer walls and secure in place with masking tape.

Castle 2

I then made up two towers for either side of the front wall.  It would probably be better to make 4 and have them on each corner.  You make these in the same way as you do the turrets adding battlements to the top.

Assemble the whole castle.  To add a bit more detail I cut squares from some of the waste cardboard and added these to make stone door and window frames.

Once assembled it may be a bit fragile so to make it more sturdy I’d suggest that you paint the whole thing with watered down PVA glue.  This will also make it easier to paint if the boxes you use were printed.  It’s a messy job so perfect for children!

Castle PVA Glue

I coated it with two coats and left overnight to dry.

I also made a slatted gate for the front of the castle from the waste card.  Just make sure its the right size to fit in the doorway.


I also made a keep for the centre of the castle from a rectangle box and created a pitched roof.  I added a platform at the front by cutting a slot and feeding a piece of card through the gap.

Once completely dry paint the whole thing with a base coat – I used a light beige, stone colour.

castle painted

I left the whole thing for a couple of days to make sure it was completely dry.  Once it was dry I added detail by drawing stones with a fine black marker pen.  You don’t need to worry too much about making this neat an uneven finish adds to the stone effect.  You continue drawing this pattern over all of the walls.

I added some burnt umber to the beige to create a richer colour and used this to pick out the detailing around the windows and doors.  I also used the darker shade for the turrets at the front.

Paint the gate and add some detail to pick out the wooden planks.


And then you’re pretty much done.   If you have more time and patience you can make your castle much neater than mine – that’s assuming you’re not creating it with equally impatient little people!


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