Revolution: Russian Art 1917 – 1932

On this date in 1917 Russia was in the grips of the Revolution and across 16th and 17th mass armed demonstration took place in Petrograd (now St. Peterburg), encouraged by the Bolshevik forces demanding Power to the Soviets.  I studied History at university and this period has to be one of the most fascinating.  My ambition is to visit Russia one day to do a history and art tour of St. Petersburg and Moscow although my husband sadly doesn’t share my enthusiasm.

However back in March of this year I did manage to drag him along to an exhibition of Russian art.

We were spending a weekend in London as we had tickets to see the wonderful Imelda Staunton in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf at the Harold Pinter Theatre.  The play was fantastic – a great cast conveying strong emotions, it quite rightly received great reviews from the critics and I we both loved it!

As we had the Friday afternoon clear we popped along to the Royal Academy to see the exhibition Revolution: Russian Art 1917 – 1932.  The exhibition was a great display from a wide range of well-known artists including Kandinsky, Malevich, Chagall and Rodchenko but also contained works by artists I hadn’t come across including my favourite a painting called Defence of Petrograd by Alexander Deineka.

Sadly the exhibition is now closed but you can download a guide here –

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