Quirky Figurines

One of the table decorations that proved most popular at our wedding were the little figurines that I sat on top of the table numbers and books.


I made these again using pages of a book along with cardboard, paper, PVA glue, paper fasteners and some ribbons.

I started by cutting out legs and arm shapes in cardboard and covered them using PVA glue with book pages.


The heads were made from crunched up paper, shaped into a ball with an elongated nose and tube at the base for a neck long enough to stick into the body (around 2cm)  and covered them in book pages and PVA glue   Once dry I added a very watery wash of white acrylic paint.

I made the bodies using a similar approach (shapes covered in book pages) but mixed up the shapes and sizes by making some from matchboxes, some toilet roll tubes and others a selection of different shaped boxes.

To make the figures up, punch holes in the arms and legs and fix with paper fasteners.  Once  complete punch holes in the body shapes and attach the limbs.

paper fastener

The head is attached by cutting a hole in the top of the body and feeding the neck through. To make them more stable paste on more paper around the neck.

I painted a wash of cold tea over the bodies and legs but a thin wash of brown acrylic paint would have a similar effect.

The facial features you draw on with marker pen or if you prefer you can draw eyes on white paper and glue into place.

I added hats to all my little figures made from card and also covered in book pages.


I finished the figures off by tying a piece of ribbon around the neck (this also hides any messy joins) and on some I added a little heart.



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