Easy to make Paper Flowers

For our wedding I decided to make paper flowers as both centre pieces but also buttonholes.


For the centrepueces I made a few different types of flowers but for the button hole I thought a paper rose looked the prettiest.

To make paper roses you need some paper serviettes/napkins, paint (watercolour or acrylic), scissors, a pot of water and wire.  If you’re planning on making a buttonhole you will also need ribbon, beads and feather.

You start by cutting the paper into strips around 2.5 inches thick and separating them so each is only 1 ply.  Mix a little paint with water in a jar so it is a very weak wash and then either dip of using a brush paint the strips.

The chances are that they’ll bunch up, you need to resist the urge to separate them as they’ll tear, if you leave them to dry out a bit it will be easier to tease them apart.  Then you need to leave them to dry completely.

Once dry you can start to assemble your flower.  For the wedding flowers I used thin green florist wire and green florist tape but you can use a wooden skewer and tape.  Start but folding the strips, lengthways to just over an inch wide and tightly wind around your wire or skewer.  As you continue to wrap the tissue you can start to loosen the tissue at the top but keep it tight to the wire at the base so it fans out.

You continue this way letting the tissue fold unevenly and using tape wraps at the base to secure.

You should end up with a full looking bloom.


To finish off stick some double sided tape to a piece of ribbon and wrap it tightly around the wire or skewer.  Finish off by binding with wire.

To make the flower into a buttonhole you simple add whatever embellishments you want.  I opted for a feather and large bead along with wire with beads threaded.

Button hole


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