On This Day In History….

Today is the birthday of Italian born artist Amadeo Modigliani.  Born on 12th July 1884 he was an Italian painter and sculptor who moved to Paris in 1906 mixing with the likes of Picasso and Jacob Epstein.


Known primarily for his figurative and portrait work his paintings are easily recognisable by their elongated faces and often black eyes.

We were lucky to see a retrospective of his work in a gallery whilst on a weekend break in Madrid a few years ago and I noticed that later this year there is an exhibition of his works scheduled at the Tate Modern in London, opening 23rd November through to 2nd April 2018.


In 1785, in the Netherlands the first manned flight by gas balloon took place

In 1962 the Rolling Stones performed for the first time at the Marquee Club, London

In 1980 Olivia Newton-John topped the UK charts with Xanadu

In 1998 President Nelson Mandela accompanied the Queen on a coach drive through the streets of London


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