Creating a Handmade Wedding

The 27th July is our wedding anniversary so I thought I’d theme most of my blogs over the next month around a wedding theme.

I’m kicking off by sharing a couple of pictures of the handmade touches we added to our day to make it a bit more personal.

I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we had a literary theme of books in general.  In part because my husband works in publishing, both of us are avid readers but also because we thought it would lend itself well to ideas and decorations.

We selected a number of literary genres and used these as table names, e.g. The Gothics; People of interest (biographies); The Classics (for the older relatives table) Outsiders (in-laws); etc.  And we made the table plan using wallpaper that looked like old bookcases with names on library card style cards.

Table plan.jpg

For the tables I created book page runners and table numbers.

I bought an old battered copy of Shakespeare’s plays in a charity shop, a book that was long past any possibility of repair and up-cycled the pages into table runners for each table and used another page with a hand drawn number in a frame.


We also opted for scented herbs rather than flowers but re-potted these into painted planters (covered in an earlier post) which we encouraged people to take home with them at the end of the day.  I did create some paper flower centre pieces although this one is a bit hidden on the picture above.  The odd looking figurine was also made from book pages and proved popular with all but a couple disappearing on the day.

For gifts for our guests we selected a collection of books that we thought would reflect their tastes and matched the table theme and encouraged people to swap with other tables if there wasn’t a book that they liked on their own table.

I’ve shown how to make the paper flower garlands on a previous post and we had a number of these scattered around the room along with details of the order of service which matches our invitations using an old typewriter style design.

Order of service.jpg

I also create a stand for our wedding cake using the paper flowers made from old book pages to carry the theme through.



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