Alice Day

As a child I loved the Alice in Wonderland stories and have continued to enjoy the art and design inspired by Lewis Carroll’s original stories.  I almost selected an Alice theme for our wedding as the story conjures up some very familiar symbols and imagery that lend themselves to party style decorations.

My favourite copy is still my old tattered one with the original illustrations from John Tenniel but a few years ago I found a new book with illustrations from Peter Weevers in the Alice shop in Oxford which is beautiful and of course the best visual depictions have to be the ones produced by Arthur Rackham.  I don’t have a copy of the book as I cut the one copy I had up to frame the images which are now in frames as a series in my hallway along with the quirky modern day interpretations from Tim Burton.

1st July is Alice day commemorating the monumental impact Lewis Carroll’s creation had on children’s literature and celebrating the city of Oxford.

The Alice character inspired by real life girl Alice Liddell became one of the most popular and most widely quoted children’s book ever written.  It marked the birth of modern children’s literature.

After the publication of Alice’s Adventures Underground published as Alice in Wonderland, children’s books became less formal and stuffy and more entertaining.

Alice’s day is celebrated each year with a variety of events and is a great opportunity to remind us of the playful and entertaining literary creation, penned by the unlikely author, Oxford Don Charles Dodgson.

If you’re interested in reading a bit more about the history of Alice or finding out about events here’s a few links that are worth a few minutes …..

So why not have a little tea party to celebrate

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