Daily Doodle

A messy play with charcoals.  I’m not great at being able to draw an image out of a background using an eraser, rather than drawing with charcoal of pencil so thought I should practice.  Not sure this is all together a success but as they say “practice makes perfect”


Giacometti Exhibition at Tate Modern

Giacometti Exhibition2

On Sunday 9th of July I was lucky enough to get to see the new Giacometti exhibition at the Tate Modern.  The exhibition is on until 10th September and is well worth a visit.

They have a great selection of both his sculptures and paintings along with lots of sketches and illustrations.

Sadly there’s no photography allowed but a great selection of books, postcards and prints.

Alphonse Mucha Exhibition

Today is the birthday of Alphonse Mucha, born 1860.  So it seemed a fitting time to promote an exhibition of his work.


A Czech-born artist he is recognised as one of the most prominent artists of the Art Nouveau movement.  Amongst his work are iconic creations  including Gismonda; the artist’s first poster design for the actress Sarah Bernhardt.

Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery are currently staging a major exhibition, entitled Alphonse Mucha: In Quest of Beauty.   The touring exhibition has been staged by the Mucha Foundation and explores his work  around the theme of beauty – the core principle underlying his artistic philosophy.

Mucha Foundation

The exhibition runs from 16th June to 29th October and whilst I haven’t attended this I was lucky enough to see his work at a gallery in Prague a few years back.