Make a Mad Hatter Hat

I made this a few years ago for a party but as it is Alice themed I thought it was worth sharing it.

It’s a Mad Hatter hat and fob watch which I used as a table centre piece.  I think I originally made it as part of a costume for World Book day but when finished it was too heavy to wear as a hat.

The hat is about two foot tall so great for a buffet table but if you’re making one for a dining table I’d go a bit smaller otherwise you won’t be able to see your guests sat opposite.

You make both from card and paper mache.  You start by create a basic structure.  For the fob watch it is simply a couple of cardboard circles stuck together.

For the hat it’s a bit more complex but nothing that you can’t do with the aid of some masking tape and card.  You cut 2 circles for the hat brim and a slightly smaller one for the top of the hap then using strips of card you build the height.  In the pictures below I created a miniture version so cut the top as a star burst and just folded down the strips but if you’re making a large centre piece sized hat you’ll need to do them separately.


When you have all of the pieces cut you simply bent in the strips and feed them through the first circle of the brim taping them securely then to cover the rough taped sections glue the second brim.  This one shown here isn’t really high enough to be the mad hatters hat so I’d suggest you make yours a bit taller.


Once you have the basic structures just cover them with paper mache.  I usually use watered down PVA glue and newspaper although for the top coats I switch to plain white paper as it is easier to paint over.  You will need to add quite a few coverings, leaving each to dry out before you apply the next.  If your paper mache is too thin the hat in particular will be flimsy.

Once completely covered and drop you can then paint.  I used acrylic paint one both and with the watch I drew the clock face with marker pen.

With the hat I added a ribbon of purple tissue paper and a sign, covered from the Alice books saying “In this style 10/6”

Mad Hatter centrepiece

Mad Hatter centrepiece1



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