Make an Alice Table Centrepiece

Whether its an Alice themed birthday party or even an Alice wedding with some cardboard, paint and tissue paper you can make a simple but stylish centrepiece to decorate a table.

Alice Centrepiece

You start by cut cutting out some leg shapes from an old cardboard box.  Fold the legs at the top as you will need this to fix them to a base.

Once you’re happy with the shape paint the legs white.  Let them dry and once dry you can paint blue strips and also little shoes.

Once dry attached the legs to a base, making sure that it is large enough to balance but not too large.  You might need to add a few extra strips of card to make sure that the legs will stand up straight.  To hide the base you simple wrap tissue paper and tie with tape or string.  I used white tissue as this is the usual colour of Alice’s petticoat under her blue dress.

Add a few more sheets of white tissue and tie, you want it to scrunch up and to look quite full.  Finish off by adding several sheets of blue.

Alice Centrepiece

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