Make an Alice Themed Garland

So first crafty idea in my Alice series – an Alice themed Garland, perfect for decorating a room for a birthday or even a wedding.

I went a bit overboard making this garland so it ended up being much longer than I needed, in fact I’ve ended up cutting it in half to create two separate strings.

Alice Garland narrow

To make the garland you will need coloured card, scissors, string or yarn and double sided tape.

Alice Garland

To make a garland start by creating a template of the designs.  I’ve pasted below my hand drawn template – feel free to use it or alternatively I’m sure you’ll find loads of better images online.

I kept my basic shapes simple as I planned to make them out of patterned card.  If making this with children you can use plain card and get them to colour in or paint the shapes.

Once you have selected the card you want to use, you simple use the template to create a number of different shapes.

Once you have your shapes complete, lay them out on the floor or a table to get the order you want and then tape string or yarn to the reverse.

Alice Garland reverse

And that’s it – once securely taped turn your garland over and hang it.

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