Make a Fathers Day Card

18th of June is Fathers day here in the UK.  I always struggle with ideas for cards for my dad as the usual greetings cards tend to focus on golf, ties or tools none of which feel very appropriate.  So here’s a few ideas for cards to make for your dad.

Fathers day card3

The first two are really simple, provided you’re not too bad at drawing.

If you’re struggling you can always print off a couple of images from the internet or even more simply some text on a word document and trace them onto paper.


The third is based on a Roy Lichtenstein graphic made from coloured paper.  You’ll need a selection of different colours, ideally bright, scissors, double sided tape and black and red marker pens.

Fathers Day Card

Its best to draw out your design out then you simply draw the shapes on the coloured paper using a thick marker pen, attach double sided tape to the back and then cut out.

Fathers Day card1

To make the print style dotted texture I simply used a red marker pen but obviously if you have a patterned dot paper you could use this instead.

fathers day card 7

Then all you have to do is assemble the card

fathers day card5

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