Easy to make Bookmarks

If like me you’re not great with watercolour painting don’t be put off.  These easy to make bookmarks don’t require much skill just a little imagine.


I started with some white, textured card cut into bookmark size strips.  Next draw out your design in faint pencil.  I went with a simple feather design.

Once you’re happy with your design using a soft brush wet the shape with clean water.  Leave this for a minute or two to dry slightly, then add dots of watercolour pant.

If the paint doesn’t spread on its own gentle move it around with your brush but avoid leaving brushstrokes.  Taking a sponge dab the shape to soak up the excess water and also blur where more than one colour meet.

I made a few different versions of the same design, altering the shape and colours.  Apologises for the quality of the photographs it was a nice day so I did these outside in the sunshine which isn’t great for photography.

Leave your designs to dry completely and once dry to the touch you can finish these off.  I used a fine liner to add an outline.


I also added a few random dots using the same colour paint.

You could use the same technique to make greeting cards – I also did a couple with a quirky house design using exactly the same technique

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