Make a Wire Bracelet

bracelet narrowI received a knitted bracelet as a Christmas present that my mother in law had bought at an arts and craft fair so decided to have a go at making on myself.

They are actually really easy to make, provided you can get the hang of knitting with wire which is a bit tricky.

You need about 10 metres of wire, jewellery wire is usually good as it is sturdy but flexible enough the knit with.  I used 0.3mm thickness for the ones I made along with size 10 uk knitting needles.  You will also need beads, generally best to use small beads and you can either go with single colour that compliments your wire colour or you can use a mixture of different coloured beads as I have on the gold and blue bracelets.

Wire bracelet materials

Start by threading your beans onto the wire.  It’s easier to do this before you start knitting and if using wire on a reel you’ll definitely need to do this first.  Then cast on your stitches, to give you an idea of width on the version with the clasp I cast on 9 stitches for the wide cuffs I used between 12 and 18.  If you intend to finish your bracelet using a clasp I’d recommend no more than 9 as the clasps are only about 1 1/2 cm wide.

wire bracelet threaded beads2

Knit two rows in plain garter stitch then on your third start to thread in the beads.  I used approx 2-3 per row and you want to mix it up to distribute the beads so if you use beads on stitches 3 and 5 on one line on the next weave them in one stitches 1 and 7, the next 2, 4 and 6.

You continue in this way until the cuff is about 1cm shorter than needed to wrap around your wrist if using a clasp and for the hook designs about 1/2 cm shorter.

wire bracelet knitted

If you’re making a cuff with a clasp close Knit two plain rows and cast off.  Cut the wire and thread the loose wires through the cuff so it looks tidy.

wire bracelet knitted2

Assembly your clasp by attaching the split rings to both sides then feed the edge of the bracelet into the open edge of the clasp and gently close it using pliers.

The finished bracelet should look something like this.


If you don’t have a clasp cast off but leave the loose wire longer.  Feed it through the end of the bracelet and make a loop or loops if a wide cuff, thread beads onto the loop until fully covered the day feed the wire through the bracelet edge again until secure.

bracelet hook.png

One the opposite side you feed the loose wire through and thread a larger bead through, twisting to secure it and threading the wire back through the bracelet edge.

They are simple to make but are beautiful gifts for others or yourself!

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