Why Name Your Blog Rag Tag Magpie?

A few people have asked why we named our blog Rag Tag Magpie so here goes….

I started off with an idea that I’d create art dolls in my spare time.  Quirky, perhaps even slightly sinister rag doll type characters which were similar in looks to some of my doodles and illustrations.  It started when I made some normal rag dolls for my dad who was looking for ideas for a stall at a church fair and along side the pretty pink creations I made a few monster style dolls which seemed to be quite popular.

I continued making the dolls, basing some on little characters like a chef, witches, evil clowns and then some fairy tale and literary characters like Wizard of Oz and Alice.  At that point my husband suggested that I sell some of my creations I think mainly to avoid them taking over our house.  When I looked at how I would market them I decided I’d better brand the series and Rag Tag seemed a good choice given the fact that they are made from scraps of material and often old clothes.  But rag tag was already a term other people were using so I needed to make it different.

The Magpie addition was because we are both big Newcastle United (football) fans but also magpie’s (the birds) have a reputation for stealing and this seemed like an interesting angle to reflect the recycled nature of the creations.

When I started out I thought the dolls would be the main focus but because I still spent huge amounts of time drawing, painting, making cards and other crafty projects I decided to share these as well.  I suppose it probably isn’t the smartest move in terms of keeping the content focused but it is for fun so it does at least reflect my interests and hopefully may inspire other people to try something new.

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