Create a Comic Wall

A few years ago I decided to banish the plain white walls in the toilet and decorate with a superhero theme.  The room was partially tiled with plain white tiles ending just below shoulder height so we could get away with a bold colour or colours choice.


You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Comics or magazines
  • PVA glue
  • Brush
  • Small bowl


How to Make

  1. Prepare the walls you intend to cover by washing thoroughly and allow to dry
  2. Select some full pages to use as a base, don’t pic k your favourites as you will be covering most of the pages
  3. Mix PVA with some water in the bowl to make it easy to use – it should be a watery consistency like thin paste
  4. Start by sticking some full pages onto the wall – this gives a base coat so that no wall colour shows through.  Apply glue to the back of the page, adhere to the wall and smooth by applying a thin coat of PVA to the front of the image.
  5. Repeat this process to cover the full wall, placing the pages at different angles and playing particular attention to corners.
  6. Allow this base cost to dry and in the meantime start to cut out a selection of images of different shapes and sizes
  7. Once dry start applying the images making sure you position them at different angles and overlap for best effect.
  8. As you finish small sections brush your PVA mixture over the images – this helps fix them to the wall but also adds a varnish type finish so you can wipe the walls of any spillages or splashes.


Comics are a colourful source of décor but crosswords work equally well

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