Make Kitchen Planters

I recently planted some chilli plant seeds.  They came in a pretty little bucket but once they started to shoot I had to separate them out and ended up with a load of ugly little plant pots on the kitchen window sill

Chilli Plant Shoots

Because they need light and my window is pretty small I needed to create some planters that don’t take up too much space so decided to recreate some painted planters that I made for our wedding.

For our wedding I painted a load of tins white and filled them with scented herbs – they were also a popular take away when guests left!

You make them using empty tin cans that have been washed completely.  Perfect for the kitchen.

To add a bit more interest I bashed some of them with a hammer which gives them a crumpled, quirky look and means that if you plan to place a few of them together they don’t look too uniform.

Also don’t forget to pop some holes in the base so that the soil can drain.  You can usually do this with the aid of a hammer and an nail.

You can either dip the tins and let them drip dry, although you do end up with some uneven paint or you can paint them.  I opted to paint them with a sponge as this gives a nice even finish and allows you to follow the lines and texture of the tin can even when its a bit bashed.

The finished product looks a lot better than you expect and because the tins are quite narrow you can cluster a group together even on a small window sill

I really like the simplicity of the plan, slightly beaten planters.


But if you prefer something a bit more detailed you could make some simple labels to illustrate the plant itself and remind you of what it is you have planted.

Planter labels


Or a great one to do with children is to layer coloured paper over the planter to add a bit more detail.  I used an old bath bomb wrapper which was metallic gold.



Or if I had to choose a design other than than the plain painted ones I’d go a bit bling.  Using PVA glue attach small beads to the rim.


8 thoughts on “Make Kitchen Planters

      1. I’m sure you’ll like it! It’s easy and fun and you can decorate a lot of things with decoupage. I decorated everything around the house (from painted boxes, to lamps, key holders, trays). It’s really fun! Have an amazing and creative day!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Pamela, it was just tacky glue which is a stickier form of PVA.

      I think the reason they may not have been sticking for you is if you try applying the glue directly to the tin. If you paint it first it the the coat of paint acts like a primer so glues adheres quite easily.

      Hope you have better luck when you give it a try.

      Regards, Nic


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