Happy Birthday Joan Eardley

Born in Sussex on this date (18th May) in 1921, Joan Eardley was a British artist noted for her paintings and sketches of street children in Glasgow.  She also captured urban scenes and landscapes of the fishing villages around the North-East coast of Scotland.

She was one of Scotland’s most enduringly popular artists, whose career was sadly  cut short  in 1963 when she died of breast cancer.

Her images capture moments in time in an arresting and often beautiful way despite the difficult circumstances of many of her muses.

You can visit an exhibition of her work on until 21st May – https://nationalgalleries.org/exhibition/joan-eardley-sense-place

BBC article – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1290R2hMbnhYfz7pJNKZkmz/how-the-unflinching-art-of-joan-eardley-captures-scotland-at-its-rawest

Pinterest – https://uk.pinterest.com/nicyg/art-joan-eardley/

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