Make A Kindle or iPad Cover

So in preparing for our holiday I finally gave in and bought a Kindle.  I love the feel of books and have been avoiding switching to electronic despite the convenience but when we last went on holiday half the case was taken up with books so decided it was time to give in.

My husband bought me a Kindle but as I didn’t have a cover I thought I would make one.

You start by creating a template, leaving about 1 cm gap all around your device.

Kindle case template.png

Next choose your design and fabric.  I decided to go with a Boho, patchwork type design as I had some gorgeous fabric in autumnal colours and wanted to use a few different designs.

Kindle case fabric

Next cut out two pieces of fabric in the shape of your template.  I used a plain Calico materials for the inside.  Put this to one side and start to plan out your design on the outer material.  I went for square and rectangular type shapes, layered on top of each other, pin these in place.

Kindle case design

Once happy with your design you can start to sew the material.  I decided to use the sewing machine as the fabric I selected frayed easily so I wanted to ensure that it was sewn well.  If you use felt or a non fray material you could do this by hand.

I wanted the finished item to have texture so I over sewed each piece several times.  Once each piece is sewn into place you’ll need to tidy it up, cutting off any loose threads.

Kindle case sewing.png

Then pin the outer cover to the inside cover, ensuring that you are sewing on the reverse.  I cropped the rounded edge slightly so when turned the right way round there wouldn’t be too much bulk giving it a misshapen look.

Kindle case making up

Sew the two pieces together by machine leaving the flap bottom edge open.  Turn the piece inside out / right way round and iron the fabric.  This helps keep the shape.

Kindle case ironed

When ironed fold the open edge over, pin and sew by machine.

Kindle case edge.png

Next pin the sides and sew these together.

Kindle case sides

To secure the flap opening sew buttons on both sides and either ribbon or elastic.  I used black elastic cord.

I finished my design off with some hand sewing.  I had some metallic gold thread and simply added some lines of running stitch to add a bit more detail.

Kindle case hand sewing

Then you’re done.

If you want you could add buttons or other embellishments but I loved the simplicity of the layered fabric and the metallic threads.

Kindle case detail

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