Make a Dragon

Today is St. George’s Day, generally not well celebrated in England as the iconography has sadly been appropriated by extreme nationalist and racist groups but it is time to take back the myth and symbols and celebrate.

The earliest document referring to St. George was from Bede, a monk who lived in my home county of Northumberland.  The mythical story that we all grew up with was one of George slaying a dragon so I thought it was an nice opportunity to share a craft project to do with small children.

You can make a dragon out of paper cups and egg boxes but we opted for an empty toilet roll and some basic cardboard cones.  Cover the materials in green paper or if you want to go messy get them to paint them green.

For the dragon’s head you’ll need to add some features for the eyes and nostrils, you can either make these from card or small felt balls also work well.

To add a bit more swoosh to the dragon we cut strips of coloured paper and attached to the cones we used for the body.

To construct your dragon simply thread some yarn or string through the cones and head.

I also added a tail and don’t forget to add some flames.  Multi coloured tissue paper scrunched up like a bouquet works well.

Then you can hang your dragon or alternatively fix canes to the ends so it becomes more like a slinky puppet.


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