Make a Pom Pom Keyring

I’m always losing my keys at the bottom of my bag so like to make sure that I have chunky and colourful key rings to help me locate them.  Pom Pom key rings are great way to avoid this and they’re not heavy so don’t weigh down your handbag.


You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Pom Pom maker (you can pick one of these up cheaply at a hobby craft shop) or alternatively cardboard circles to make them the old fashioned way
  • Wool
  • Beads to decorate

How to Make

Start be making your pom pom.  I just used a single pom pom but you could add 2-3 of different colours.  I have used a pom pom maker which you can pick up for a few pounds in a hobby craft store.  If you don’t have a pom maker you can make these in the traditional way with cardboard circles.


Follow the instructions on the pomp om maker package.  If you haven’t used one before you basically open up the coloured parts into 2 semi circles and wrap the wool tightly around the arc until both sides are full.


You then clip the semi circles together and cut through the wool.  Before removing the device you tie the pomp om with several strands of wool and leaving these long enough to tie around your keys.  Then you remove the pom maker, leaving you with a fully former pom pom.


Tie the wool tightly to hold your pomp om together then knot the wool 5cm or so above the pom pom.

Thread the beads onto the wool and tie another knot to keep them in place.Using a circular ring tie the pomp om to your keys.  If you like you can use more than one pomp om in a variety of colours.


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