Make an Easter Garland

Decorate your home for Easter with a simple garland.  Simple and easy to make its a craft you can complete in under half an hour and if you don’t mind a few irregular shaped bunnies a great children’s craft project

You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • String or yarn
  • Paint swatch cards
  • Sellotape


How to Make

Draw out a template for your design.  I like to keep these simple and have used two rabbits which are almost identical other than a slight change to the ears.


Next cut out your bunnies using the paint swatch cards (you can pick these up from any good DIY store), you could simply use contrasting coloured cards but I love the variety of colours you get from the paint swatches.

Cut outs

Layout your bunnies and play around with the order so you get a graduated colour pattern that you like.  Once you’re happy with the order you will need to turn them over and also reverse the order.

Then attach your rabbits to a piece of string/yarn, I simply used sellotape.


Make sure each is attached and no tape is showing then you’re done

Easter Garland

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