Easy Easter Cards Part 2

Create a colourful yarn card as an alternative Easter card using the same basic design template.  This design uses coloured wool or yarn and is a great craft project to do with children

You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Blank card
  • Double sided tape
  • Multiple coloured wool/yarn
  • Scissors or a scalpel
  • Black pen

How to Make

Draw your template on the front of the blank card and cut out the inside.  Using the card as a template draw the rabbit on a piece of blank card


Attach double sided tape to the sides of the blank card and start to stick down coloured pieces of wool


Once you have completely covered the rabbit shape attach more tape to secure


Trim the sides of the card and attach to your greetings card so that it lines up with the template.


Attach the wool covered card to the reverse of your greetings card so that the wool aligns with your cut out.


I used quite chunky wool so the card was slightly open at the edge so I attached a piece of paper bending it over the edge and adding a stitch style embellishment with a black pen


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