Easy Easter Cards to Make

Create some simple Easter cards for family and friends using paint swatches.  They take less than half an hour to complete but look great.  For an alternative design that would be good as a children’s craft project why not replace the paint swatches with a section of card that your little one has painted.

You Will Need

  • Scissors or a scalpel
  • Blank cards
  • PVA glue or double sided tape
  • Paint Swatches


How to Make

Trace an outline of your shape onto your card using a pencil.  I’ve used a simple bunny rabbit design but a duck or egg would work well.


Using scissors or a scalpel cut out the centre of the outline

cut out

Glue or take your paint swatch onto the inside of the card.  I’ve secured mine to the 3rd page so you get a void between the front and texture but if you prefer a neater finish you can stick it to page 2


To finish off I’ve added a simple stitch style outline to the shape with a black pen

card and pen

The finished cards


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