Paper Flower Wreath

When we were planning our wedding we chose a literature theme in part because my husband works in publishing but generally because we’ve both avoid readers and the theme opened up so many ideas for decorations, table centre pieces and gifts.

One of the simple decorations I made were a number of paper flower heart shaped wreaths which we hung around the rooms to add a bit of interest.  They are really easy to make and look incredibly professional when finished.  I even used some extra flowers I made to decorate the base box that our wedding cake stood on.

So to make the wreath you just need a few basic materials….

You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Stiff cardboard
  • Paper of different colours
  • Circular plates or bowls of different sizes
  • Pen
  • PVA glue or you can use a glue gun if you have one
  • Ribbon
  • Optional – spray adhesive and glitter


How to Make

  1. Draw your wreath shape on cardboard and cut to size.
  2. If using an old box or packaging you should cover the shape before you start to make the wreath, especially the back
  3. Draw around the plates and bowls and put out paper circles of varying sizes
  4. Next take your scissors and cut the circles into spirals, where possible keep the spiral at a consistent width as this will form the height of your finished flow.   Leave a circle type shape in the middle as this will form the base of your flower
  5. Starting with the outer edge tightly wind the spiral, keeping the bottom edge level at all time.  Once wound place pinch the flower a bit as this will help the flower keep it’s shape.  You can loosen your grip and let the flower open up a little.
  6. Place a spot of glue on the base, press the flower down onto the glue and hold until it is sufficiently tacky to hold its shape.  This is also the time where you loosen the wound spiral and shape it into your flower
  7. Continue making flowers.  Its best to use multiple colours, on this wreath I kept the colour palette to three colours but used various size spirals which creates different size flowers
  8. If you want some extra sparkle – wait until your flowers are dry, place on a piece of paper and spray lightly with adhesive then sprinkle glitter over your flowers.
  9. Once you have a handful of flowers you can start to glue to your base shape.  Position the flowers so they are touching – this stops too much of the base showing through, this is where your smaller flowers can help to fill the spaces.
  10. Continue making flowers and gluing until the whole shape is completely covered
  11. Once the glue has dried you can tie a ribbon around the wreath and hang.

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