Make an Embroidered Keyring

Perfect little gift to celebrate a friend moving into a new home, forget the usual house plant and make them something a bit different to show that you care.

You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Paper to draw your basic shapes
  • Selection of material
  • Thread
  • Ribbon


How to Make

Draw out your design on paper to act as a guide.  I’ve posted a picture of the design I used with dimensions

Cut out the shapes to make your house – two house shapes, 2 rooves, 4 windows, door, a strip for the base and ribbon to attach your keys.  I used felt for the house shape as it doesn’t need to be hemmed and doesn’t fray.


Pin the windows, door and base strip to one piece of house shaped material and sew.  You can either do this by machine for a neater look or use embroidery thread and sew it by hand.


Once you have constructed the basic house front pin the front house shape to the second piece of the same shape, pin a piece of folded ribbon to the top and overlay your two roof shapes.


Sew the outline.  If sewing by hand I’d recommend blanket stitch.


Once complete you can thread your keys onto the ribbon using a simple metal ring.


I created one sewn by hand and another on the machine to show you how the finished items differ




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